There are 3 rounds per episode. In the first 2 rounds, two gamers will blindly pick live action avatars to represent them on the augmented reality battlefield. This is a game of chance because the 2 gamers have no idea how good or bad the avatars will be. The live action avatars will face AR challenges underwater, in the water and on land! In the third round, the host will pick the location, one live action avatar and the AR challenge.

The 2 gamers will also challenge each other in video game trivia.

In episode 6 to 10, the third round will no longer use the live action avatars, the 2 gamers will face the AR challenge. In episode 11 it's up to the 2 gamers to experience the 4 remaining AR challenges on the augmented reality battlefield so one of them can claim the championship trophy in episode 12. 

There has never been a show like this before.